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Medical Case Study

FRP helps coalesce product development to significantly de-risk & accelerate its drug delivery device development


“Drug delivery devices are extraordinarily difficult to develop. They need to provide a consistent dose every time they are used and are manufactured in very high volumes in automated processes in cleanrooms, yet they need to be very inexpensive and simple to use to meet the needs of patients. A critical part of the process is establishing whether a new design can meet the technical and user requirements as early as possible in the development process. We have in house technologies for in silico modelling and physical prototyping with 3D printing and CNC techniques, but these do not produce “real” parts. This is where we rely on FRP.


Coalesce and FRP have established a close collaboration over many years. FRP is our go-to supplier for early-stage development tooling and moulded component supply including to support clinical trials. Even before our concepts are fully fleshed out, we involve FRP in the development process to ensure that our concepts can be manufactured.

FRP’s in-house team provides excellent Design For Manufacture (DFM) support at these critical early stages, in combination with validated tooling & in-house CT scanning. This saves us (and our clients!) tens of thousands of pounds in wasted time, effort, and tooling that would otherwise not be suitable for subsequent scale-up to mass production & assembly.

Starting with DFM studies and intelligently designed Moldex Reports, then progressing to proper steel tooling and Moulding Process Optimisation (MPO) & Validation, FRP has helped guide our team through Concept to Clinical Trial phase time and time again.


As a result of FRP’s comprehensive approach, we have significantly de-risked the scale-up phase of the device development process, enabling our clients to accelerate the time it takes to bring their medicines to market. This is a considerable competitive advantage for both Coalesce and its clients.”

Dave Ahern, CEO- Coalesce Product Development

Medical Case Studies

mOm lightweight incubator


Medical Case Study

MedTech start-up mOm has developed a revolutionary lightweight incubator that has the potential to help reduce the shocking number of neonatal deaths that happen every year.

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Medical Case Study

FRP produced ultra-rapid, single cavity steel mould tools and multiple batches of cleanroom mouldings to enable Clinical Trials in a fraction of the time usually required to reach this key milestone.