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Highly Regulated

The home of Rapid Manufacturing for Highly Regulated Markets

Every project is special, and yet every project is the same. They all need a dynamic balance of ambition, intelligence, resilience, and expertise to get them delivered on time, on quality and on budget.

Since 2001, we have worked on some of the most technically demanding and time intensive rapid manufacturing projects imaginable, delivering robust, repeatable, and verifiable outcomes for clients involved in highly regulated markets and those where precision is paramount.

Our clients, both in-house and consultancies, consistently return to FRP when they need high performance solutions, drawing on our expertise and Design For Manufacture (DFM) experience to enable a smarter design and a better rapid manufacturing solution. Very often we also see clients come to us when others fail to meet the exacting standards required. Our full-service methodology combines technical excellence with access to a global footprint of manufacturing capability to enable you to succeed sooner.


Whether you are a design consultant or an in-house developer,
we would love to partner with you on your next project.
To talk more about our credentials, call one of the team at our Centre of Excellence on +44 1945 411700 or email

Highly Regulated Markets Case Studies

bottle tracked sm CS


Highly Regulated Markets Case Study

Icoteq required the production of an IP rated and UV resistant components to house electronic equipment to track plastic waste.

MAP - pre-production prototype


Highly Regulated Markets Case Study

Creative consultancy MAP is a partner of innovative technology firm Kano, which has expanded its range of design-driven products on the back of its success with the world’s first make-your-own computer.