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AMPAPAston Martin Part Approval Process
APQPAdvanced Product Quality Planning
AQLAcceptable Quality Limit
ARPNAlternative Risk Priority Number
ArtifactMeasurement machine verification items
AuditSystemic independent and documented process for obtaining objective evidence and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are fulfilled
CIContinuous Improvement
CMChange Management
ConcessionPermission to use or release a product or service  that does not conform to specified requirements
CorrectionAction to eliminate a detected nonconformity
CTComputed Tomography
CTACritical To Assembly
CTFCritical To Function
DeviationPermission to depart from the originally specified requirements of a product or service prior to its realization
DFMDesign For Manufacture
DFMEADesign Failure Mode Effect Analysis
DNDelivery Note
ECREngineering Change Request
EMSEnvironmental Management System
FAIFirst Article Inspection
Failure CauseSet of circumstances that lead to failure
Failure effectConsequence of a failure, within or beyond the boundary of the failed item
Failure mechanismProcess that leads to failure
Failure ModeManner in which failure occurs
FAIRFirst Article Inspection Report
FMEAFailure Mode Effect Analysis
HazardPotential source of harm
IMDSInternational Material Data System
Intended use
Intended Purpose 
Use for which a product, process or service is intended according to the specifications, instructions and information provided by the manufacturer
IPCIn Process Control
ISIRInitial Sample Inspection Report (it entails all dims from 2D drawing/ or the ones that are possible to measure)
ISOInternational Organisation for Standardisation
IVDIn Vitro Diagnostic
Life CycleSeries of all phases in the life of a medical device, from the initial conception to final decommissioning and disposal
LikelihoodChance of something happening
ManufacturerNatural or legal person with responsibility for the design and/or manufacture of a medical device with the intention of making the medical device available for use, under his name, whether or not such a medical device is designed and/or manufactured by that person himself or on his behalf by another person(s)
MDSMaterial Data sheet
Medical DeviceInstrument, apparatus, implement, machine, appliance, implant, reagent for in vitro use, software, material or other similar or related article, intended by the manufacturer to be used, alone or in combination, for human beings, for one or more of the specific medical purpose(s)
MPOMould Process Optimisation
MSDSMaterial Safety Data sheet
NCRNonconformance Report
NonconformanceNon-Fulfilment of a requirement
NPINew Product introduction
Objective EvidenceData supporting the existence or verity of something
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OOSOut Of Specification
PAWPart Approval Warrant
PFMEAProcess Failure Mode Effect Analysis
PMProject Manager
POPurchase Order 
PORPurchase Order Request
PPAPProduction Part Approval Process
PPIRPrototype Part Inspection Report
ProcedureSpecified way to carry out an activity or a process
ProcessSet of interrelated or interacting activities that use inputs to deliver an intended result
ProtocolProtocol in the context of FRP refers to a set of guidelines and procedures that establish agreement on information and control processes between FRP stakeholders, including the manufacturer, customer and supplier.
PSWPart Submission Warrant
PTProject Team
QAQuality Assurance
QCQuality Control
QMSQuality Management System
RARisk Assessment
RecordDocument stating results achieved or providing evidence of activities performed
RegradeAlteration of the grade of a nonconforming product or service in order to
make it conform to requirements differing from the initial requirements
ReleasePermission to proceed to the next stage of the process or to the process
RepairAction on a nonconforming product or service to make it acceptable for the intended
Residual riskRisk remaining after risk control (3.21) measures have been implemented
ReworkAction on a nonconforming product or service to make it conform to the requirements
RiskCombination of the probability of occurrence of harm and the severity of that harm
Risk analysisSystematic use of available information to identify hazards and to estimate the risk
Risk assessmentOverall process comprising a risk analysis and a risk evaluation
Risk estimationProcess used to assign values to the probability of occurrence of harm and the severity of that harm
Risk evaluationProcess of comparing the estimated risk against given risk criteria to determine the
acceptability of the risk
Risk managementSystematic application of management policies, procedures, and practices to the tasks of analysing,
evaluating, controlling and monitoring risk
SCSchedule Confirmation
ScenarioPossible sequence of the specified conditions under which the system, item or process function are performed
SDSSafety Data Sheet
SEDSSingle Entry Data System
SeverityRelative ranking of potential or actual consequences of failure or a fault
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SPAPSmall Production Approval Part
VerificationConfirmation through the provision of objective evidence, that specified requirements have been fulfilled
Reusable PackagingPackaging that with no compromise to presentation can be used to pack parts/materials to Stakeholders