Prototype Tooling

FRP’s comprehensive tooling capability enables the production of representative prototypes, in final production materials, at speed.

We understand prototype requirements and provide invaluable advice on production methods and materials. Tell us your expectations in terms of production volume, likelihood of changes and tool longevity and we’ll recommend a fit for purpose solution.

Prototype Development at Speed

With rapid manufacturing FRP can match specific tooling requirements at lower costs and with shorter lead times than with traditional tooling options. Our advice and network of specialist partners, offers many advantages when it comes to efficient prototype tooling.

We produce fully production representative prototypes using the materials, processes, design and tolerances that meet your specification. We provide you with robust, representative parts that can be exposed to vibration, stress, heat transfer testing and structural performance.

Our representative service allows you to assess the settings and identify design flaws. Modifications are straightforward at this early stage and with our advice issues can be easily resolved. With alterations made, we can fabricate a tool that can be used for production.

If you wish to test a number of variants, we offer changeable inserts and parts that enable you to produce multiple prototype tools for the cost of one. This further maximises the efficiency available from prototype tooling.

Recommended Prototype Tooling Service

Our prototype tooling service has been used to develop an extensive range of tools, as well as the modification of existing tools for new product development. We are proud to serve some of the World’s largest manufacturing companies and design consultancies.

If you would like to find out how we can take the hassle out of prototype tooling, get in touch today on: 01945 411700

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