Design For Manufacture (DFM)

FRP’s comprehensive service, technical expertise and established network of production partners combine to develop fully viable solutions. We develop solutions that are aligned with the demands of your design, the manufacturing process and application.

Transforming Ideas into Solutions

With a detailed knowledge of rapid manufacturing processes and materials, we understand their impact on design and functionality.

From the early design stages, we can verify the feasibility of concepts in respect to cost, application, technical requirements and compliance. Our input can be invaluable in design modifications that minimise the risk of costly and time consuming mistakes.

If there is a mismatch between the specifications of the design and the manufacturing requirements or final application, we will advise on alternative options. For example, the designer may specify high tolerances that seem unnecessary for the application. By checking and advising on such details, FRP can reduce the design specification and production costs.

In addition to the design of new parts, we also offer value engineering services. We’ve helped numerous companies to create products with a similar look, feel and quality, but at a lower cost.

We are also experienced in Design For Assembly (DFA) and understand how to move low volume manual assembly to a full production assembly line.

Manufacturing Quality

We operate in highly regulated markets and provide an ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality service to aerospace, medical, automotive, marine and precision engineering companies. We demand the highest quality standards throughout the development stage, in order to provide a final product that is fit for purpose and commercially viable.

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