Rapid Manufacturing for Design Consultancies

A concept can look impressive on paper, but rapid manufacturing plays a vital role in convincing your client to invest in your vision. A prototype can prove the structural integrity of your design or show a fully representative example. It allows the client to handle, trial or appreciate your work, prior to the finished design being created.

Can We Help You?

The ability to provide you with a Full Service Rapid Manufacturing option in the design process can make all the difference when it comes to persuading clients, investors or focus groups. From one-off sculptural commissions and architectural design, to product design and mass produced packaging, our trusted network of partners can be exactly what you need to realise your concept.

As an independent supplier, we offer the best option to satisfy your requirements. As an example, we can build scale models in low cost foam to give a clear picture of the dimensions. We’ve also produced working models that can be used at exhibitions, investor pitches or internal planning meetings.  We provide Design for Manufacture and Moulding Process Optimisation services, ensuring consistency of dimensions from concept to production.

Our expertise supports the development process, making it quick and cost effective to make design modifications. Having said this, our exacting standards have resulted in some designers choosing FRP to create low volume castings or 3D printing of high quality, limited edition pieces.

Rapid Parts for Designers

For many design consultancies, the advantage of using a rapid manufacturing consultancy like FRP is that you don’t need to know exactly what you need. We take the time to understand your design and its intended application. We will then recommend the most suitable materials and techniques for the manufacture of a prototype.

Allow FRP to be your trusted rapid manufacturing consultancy. We’ll help you from concept design, through to full production.

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