Using a range of compression, tension and shear forces, as well as welding and bonding, malleable materials can be transformed into component parts. The forming process permanently changes the shape and structure of the material, so it retains its new form.

The forming process is suitable for sheet plastics, mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel and multi-layer, heat resistant composites. It can be a cost effective and quick method of rapid prototyping, which allows concepts to be tested and proven prior to production tooling being prepared.

Forming covers a range of functional processes, which are designed to offer durable parts. It is only recommended for non-cosmetic parts.

The forming processes offered by FRP are:

  • Metal Fabrication – An efficient means of creating durable parts in a variety of thicknesses
  • CNC Pressing and Hammer Forming – CNC Technology has made this a viable means of producing prototypes and production parts
  • Vac Forming – Ideal for quick and accurate prototypes, especially those with a textured finish
  • Welding – This encompasses Laser, MIG, TIG, Cold and Ultrasonic welding, depending on the material, desired finish and application
  • Bonding – Using the latest dispensing methods and materials, bonding offers design flexibility without compromising on structural integrity

Formed parts can be painted or powder coated to provide an authentic appearance or to apply a protective finish. FRP can offer them with a pinseal or grain finish in order that they are more resistant to surface damage.

We demand the highest quality standards for our customers and we 100% inspect all parts prior to delivery to guarantee quality. Our attention to detail has helped us secure a reputation for reliable rapid part production.

How Can We Help You?

With our expertise, you don’t need to know exactly what process of material you require, just the result you want to achieve. Tell us your requirements and we’ll recommend the best forming options to ensure the resulting parts match your expectations.

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