Composites are materials made from more than one ingredient, including fibreglass, filled polymers and carbon fibre. The combination of materials offers characteristics that are superior to any of the individual component materials.

Composites have proven their worth in the production of lightweight, yet robust parts and are widely used in the automotive, marine, aerospace and renewable energy industries.

Composite Production

We provide the full service, including composite tooling, the production of composite parts and insert moulding or casting. The first stage in the process is to create detailed pattern tooling which can be used to produce quality precision components.

FRP’s expertise in composite materials and production processes allows us to provide invaluable advice at this early stage in the process. We can ensure that you have all the required information to select between open moulding, closed moulding or cast moulding production in your desired composite material. We can then prepare tooling for composites and composite parts.

Advantages of Composites

Composites offer many advantages over traditional materials including:

  • Offering significant weight reduction without compromising the strength or resilience of the part
  • Being dimensionally stable; not shrinking or expanding in response to changes in moisture or temperature
  • Large parts can be fabricated as a single piece, removing the need for joints and fastenings and streamlining assembly processes
  • Flexibility to bend without breaking, absorb vibrations, be non-conductive and resistant to corrosion

The manufacture of composite parts is generally slower and more expensive than for other materials. They do however solve a range of technical design challenges, as well as being a long lasting and low maintenance solution.

How Can We Help You?

If you let us know the properties that your design requires, we have the expertise to recommend the most appropriate composite material for your parts manufacture. We provide a personalised and independent service, so you can trust that you’ll always get the best solution for your requirements.

For bespoke or production composite parts, we are at the end of the phone to discuss your brief. Call us today on: 01945 411700

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