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Watson-Marlow Fluid Pumps

Highly Regulated Case Study

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group


Watson-Marlow had an urgent need to see inside one of its pumps during assembly. They knew that quickly sourcing a clear plastic version of the product’s opaque cover would give them the clear view they required.


Working fast, FRP delivered an assessment of the material and process options that would deliver a part with the visibility Watson-Marlow needed, while also meeting their requirements for speed, quality and cost.


The transparent pump cover provided by FRP gave Watson-Marlow a near production-quality version of the part, enabling them to proceed with their assessment with full confidence.

“We contacted Joe at FRP who advised us of a few different possible solutions and the comparative cost/benefits of each one. He suggested we went with a CNC-machined clear PMMA part – this proved to be the best value method to give the results we required. On receiving the 1st off part ahead of time, I have to say we were very impressed – the quality and finish was fully representative of a production moulded component and we have since ordered further parts for the same function. Great service from a knowledgeable team.”

Dave Willis, Project Buyer – Watson-Marlow Ltd

Highly Regulated Case Studies

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Medical Case Study

FRP produced ultra-rapid, single cavity steel mould tools and multiple batches of cleanroom mouldings to enable Clinical Trials in a fraction of the time usually required to reach this key milestone.

CT Image

CT Scanning

Medical Case Study

FRP used their in-house CT scanner to produce clear simple PDF reporting to deliver required information.