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Image of the finished product FRP manufactured.

Highly Regulated Case Study



Icoteq required the production of IP rated and UV resistant components to house electric equipment to track plastic waste. Icoteq is a technology innovation consultancy specialising in wireless technology and the connected experience for IoT. Bringing expertise in wireless technologies, user experience and IoT to deliver solutions to meet the needs of consumers, users, and businesses.


FRP mediated closely with Icoteq to ensure all considerations were fully comprehended and took a pragmatic approach to ensure all the technical constraints were understood.


FRP supplied parts that met the needs and satisfied the technical constraints within the exceptionally tight timescale and delivered ahead of schedule. 

We required the manufacture of IP rated, UV resistant parts to house electronic equipment for an international study tracking plastic waste and timescales were extremely tight. FRP met with us to ensure all the parameters were fully understood, responded quickly with their quotation and then took a pragmatic approach to supply parts that would satisfy all of the technical constraints and deliver ahead of schedule.”

Craig Rackstraw, Managing Director – Icoteq

Highly Regulated Case Studies

3D printed part

Pure Fine Laser

Highly Regulated Markets Case Study

Pure Fine Laser required an ultra-fast turnaround for a custom-made jig. FRP designed, manufactured and delivered the part in 2 days.

Tricas Industrial Design & Engineering BV

Tricas Industrial Design & Engineering

Highly Regulated Markets Case Study

Tricas was undertaking a new multi-component project for a major client and urgently required a range of production-quality components in order to develop, test and demonstrate a new device design concept.