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Medical Case Study

CT Scanning


A global pharmaceutical company recently needed a dozen plastic injection moulded components CT scanning to enable detailed analysis of the geometry. 


FRP used their in-house CT Scanner in combination with a really clear and simple PDF reporting structure to deliver the required information in just a few days.


Our customer was able to quickly and easily understand the PDF data sets as part of a wider project.

“We use CT all the time and are experienced consumers of this service. FRP have taken things to another level of clarity and made it really easy for us to get the understanding we need quickly and without any fuss- really nice job!”

Confidential, Senior Director- Global Device Development.

Highly Regulated Case Studies

bottle tracked sm CS


Highly Regulated Markets Case Study

Icoteq required the production of an IP rated and UV resistant components to house electronic equipment to track plastic waste.

MAP - pre-production prototype


Highly Regulated Markets Case Study

Creative consultancy MAP is a partner of innovative technology firm Kano, which has expanded its range of design-driven products on the back of its success with the world’s first make-your-own computer.